Recovery of Shares

It was not always the case that Demat accounts and paperless share trading were the norm. Strange as it may seem, shares/debentures were bought and sold in tangible form until the preceding generation. “Any investor who wishes to transfer shares (which are held in physical form) after April 1, 2019 can only do so after the shares have been dematerialised,” says the company.

Stacking copies of numerous share certificates and keeping them safe for years was obviously impossible. There was always the risk that share certificates would be stolen, lost, torn/damaged, forgotten, or that the original shareholder’s family would be unaware of their existence.

  •  Dematerialisation
  •  Transmission of Shares
  • Signature Mismatch
  •  IEPF Claim
  • Transfer of shares
  • Misplaced Share Certificates
  • Name Change
  • Recovery of Mutual Funds

Asset Reclaimers provides a complete solution to any concerns with physical share or debenture documents. Our professionals help clients with issues such as share transfer, nominee claims, name deletion/modification, and more. We also have professionals who can assist you in recovering unclaimed funds from lost or damaged share certificates.

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